American Airlines

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US Airlines has earned its name across the globe by shuttling 3,031 flights per day to 193 destinations in approximately 24 countries from its hubs situated in Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix. US Airways has its domestic flights travel chiefly to Southwest America, the East Coast and the Caribbean.

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Baggage Information - US Airways

Like other airlines, US Airways allows its passengers to travel with one personal baggage which can comprise a laptop, a purse, a small handbag or a small back-pack. Also outer-garments are allowed and no additional charges are incurred. The size of your bag should be easy to place in the overhead bin or must be simply placed in the area in the legroom provided. Ensure the weight of the baggage is such that it is not difficult for others. Ensure the bag follows the set of rules.

Baggage Dimensions

For the safety and convenience of other travellers and yours, Ensure the dimensions of your bags are within the specified limits which are 9 inches x 22 inches x 14 inches. The full length of the dimensions should be 45 inches. The dimensions include the grip as well as the wheels of your bag.

Checkin Information US Airways

The check-in process for passengers is an advantage to them that permit them to check-in 24 hrs prior to the departure time for domestic flights and 90 minutes for an international flight. The check-in time is profitable to fliers since a multitude of tasks have be to completed before they board the plane. These jobs include checking in their baggage and charging for it. Too they need to choose their seat as per their alternatives. The service for deciding a seat is not allowed for international flights if the members of a group exceed nine.

Fliers who have a US Airlines Express Flight or a US Airways Shuttle ticket can make use of their Web-check in to prefer their seats. It is recommended for domestic travellers to arrive at their respective airports 90 min before their scheduled flights and for international flights 2 hrs is recommended. Ensure to be before the scheduled time in-order to complete the formalities while checking in.


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